By: Ibraheem Alli

As an ardent political observer, I’ve no ink to outrightly credit or discredit any. Just show me that current figure with political muscle who uses it to build others. His party, I don’t want to know.

My attendance at the 2018 birthday colloquium of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu held at Eko Hotel, in Lagos was for reasons- to witness his strength and to strategically position my pen in noting Yoruba political fate, as of the moment. When BAT ascended the podium for his auto, extempore address, about 20 governors in attendance stood, clapping unceasingly as they sang a solidarity song. My judgement was, they have rehearsed only to know that it was a coincidence. As BAT gripped the mic, all the governors stood. It took the persuasion of Jagaban before they sat.

I got to know BAT better at a privileged one on one meeting again same 2018 at Osun State Presidential lodge, Osogbo. The moment presented an opportunity to be abreast of little out of his many sources of income. As one of the major investors in Apple Products, we should chase less.

Tomorrow is 2023. Her fate will be determined by individual past not current trading. Those who want to trade with the Oracle are challenged to display their political past, credentials and intimidating structures.

In 2000 when I finished my primary education at Nawar Up Deen Primary School, Ileogbo, the headquarters of Ayedire Local Government, Osun State, my parents registered me at the first private secondary in the town, Royal Ambassador International. I was one of the foundational pupils of the citadel. In respect of the usual system of education in Nigeria, We were mandated to locate our career among science, art and commercial. I went for science in SSS I. At the tale end of the class, I rediscovered myself and opted for Art. The decision was not unconnected with my desire for history and politics, reading biography and auto biography of many great world political leaders. I love reading about people more. I visioned imaginary story of great Nigeria nationalists such as Herbert Maucaulay, Nnamdi Azikwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Anthony Enahoro, Ahmadu Bello, Aminu Kano, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti etc. If I could read about BAT at such early stage of education, and his relevancy is progressing in a very competitive political atmosphere of Nigeria, I’m optimistic he stood for something better than anything. Those who stood for anything have their structure truncated, their allies sold out and their relevancy transient. Piloting such a political vehicles requires sacrifices- political stoning, ancestral digging, persecution and the likes.

Driving a bus loaded of many families is the most tasky driving especially when roads are bad and of many learners. Of grievous ordeal is the clumsiness of the road, being a federal path. Many will care with caution. Some will not while others will care and pray because of inexperienced and or learners using federal road as testing ground. Itinerants with mission to take federal delivery and take responsibility will be painstaking, absorbing and absolving every rough driver. Reason why, you must man your steering, watch your front, monitor side mirrors and apply brake where necessary. The brake is not to stop but to avoid collision with drivers of no mission.

As a young lad struggling to be part and contribute in promoting Nigeria’s muscle and revive her strength, I’ve read alot about some personalities who are direct and indirect actors to the nation’s survival. None, as all, is not without weakness. The beautiful ones are not yet born. Perfectness is an exclusive asset of God. The best anyone could do is to build human mental alertness of the majority through structures of human resources.

The surrounding stories of most outstanding personalities are accompanied with gory narrations. There are moments of pushing through the thick, dark forest in pursuance of life. Success runs, human pursue. Only the persevered laugh last. At times, the nolstagia struggle, the risk, the potholes, the whisker escape etc naturally connect and command tears. It is tear of joy, of triumphant and achievement.

Irrespective, the struggling pandemic are always forgotten when individual story is ripe for public consumption most especially as a public figure. In life, people loves stoning. It is not a stone of construction but of destruction. At that stage, one should manage his strength and maintain focus. People easily throw stones, love to destroy a tree they never plant. Throwing stones to every fruitful tree is at an interest, costly one.

Simply, the current political narrative is lubricator. You can’t push yourself to the top, you need enemies to get there. Like emperor Oluwo would say ” Either positive or negative, I need enemies to stone me. It is a free publicity taken me to the promised Land”.

Though, greatness is never achieve in isolation. In politics, everyone is needed for at least a reason. The few running negative comments on BAT are delivering the message sent. In disguise, they earned BAT the game, the strength, the popularity and the relevancy.

Few from Yoruba land may not be pleased but majority are comfortable. The political space is connected with air of hope. The Oracle has his tentacle across, cross cultural and beyond. He has built governors, senators, spokesmen, house rep members, ambassadors, etc. He has the least of his political credentials as senator.

Alli Ibraheem is the Chief Press Secretary to the Oluwo of Iwo, he writes from Ileogbo, Iwo Federal Constituency, Osun State.


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