The six governors across the South-south geopolitical zone and other important personalities from the Niger Delta region have expressed their anger at the Presidency for failing to attend a major stakeholders’ meeting scheduled in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Tuesday.

EyewitnessMedia gathered that the meeting was convened at the instance of the Chief of Staff to the President, Ibrahim Gambari, to discuss the emerging threats to the peace in the Niger Delta region.

A source and aide to one of the governors said the meeting was arranged days before Tuesday and wondered why the Presidency chose to treat such crucial gathering with levity.


  1. Why are South/South representatives deceiving themselves, in not accepting their true position in Fulani Nigeria perception. Their only importance is oil underneath their soil.Excluding the letter,its believed any of then in representation of the S/S can be easily bought and sold.To the so called Northern elites,they the southerners are corrupt and despicable, and should be look at as dirty rags.Until the representatives of the S/S redefines themselves in redemption, salvation and deliverance, they will soonest also,be rejected by their own people, regardless of high they falsely concertize themselves in false,dignified clothing. They are now laughing stocks of all Nigerian political zones.Almighty God is watching IJN.


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