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Event: Extra Time at National Museum Cardiff

National Museum Cardiff
Open until 8pm
Cost Free
Suitability All
A young woman looking at the dinosaur collection

If you’re wondering what to do on a Thursday night in Cardiff, visiting the museum is the perfect free option. 

Come enjoy and explore National Museum Cardiff until 8pm on the first Thursday of each month.

What exhibitions can I see?

With the museum’s extended opening hours, you’ll have extra time to explore the wonderful exhibition at National Museum Cardiff.

Current exhibitions include: 

What else can I do at the museum?

Two people enjoying a coffee and a cake in the museum's cafe
  • Meet for coffee at the museum – our coffee shop will be serving refreshments all night long.

  • Socialise with friends at the museum. Meet up with your mates, catch up with family, or show off how cultured you are on a first date.

  • Enjoy the art at the museum. Did you know that National Museum Cardiff has wonderful art by world-famous artists, including MonetRenoirBotticellivan Gogh and more? 

  • The museum is also the home of work by Welsh artists, including Gwen JohnCedric Morris and Bedwyr Williams!

  • Take time out and take a mindful walk around the museum. Take a moment to catch your breath as you wander through the galleries.

  • Meet your favourite dinosaur face-to-face at the museum. Oh yes, our dinosaurs need to be seen to be believed. We also have the fossils and a replica of the Dracoraptor hanigani on display. The dracoraptor is a cousin of the fearsome T-rex and the fossils were discovered on a beach near Penarth.

Get involved in Cardiff’s culture scene

National Museum Cardiff is your museum and your space to visit and enjoy. So, come along on the first Thursday of each month and make the most of what’s on your doorstep!

A warm welcome

Grandparents, their adult daughter and a toddler enjoy the Evolution of Wales gallery, with a dinosaur behind them

We welcome everyone to the museum, for free. 

Families enjoy being able to spend their time going through the dinosaur and natural science exhibitions.

We are an accessible venue – we’ve recently installed a new walkway outside the building, and our lifts can take you from floor to floor. If you have any additional needs, our friendly museum assistants are on hand to help you.

Things to do in Cardiff when it rains

Let’s be honest, it rains in Cardiff….a lot. 

Instead of trying to squeeze into a tiny cafe, visit our large and spacious café at the museum. 

If the cold and rainy weather is getting you down, our café is on hand to warm you right back up! The café will be serving hot and cold drinks and some snacks.

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